Health Policy and Health System Strengthening

The healthcare services are the one of the most fundamental and privileged responsibilities of the government against its citizens. Creating an accessible and affordable... More

Hospital Management and Operational Services

The demands for healthcare and the cost for providing quality of healthcare services are increasing rapidly and continuously due to the aging population, changes in disease... More

Public Private Partnership Model

PPP can be briefly defined as "a long-term contract signed between a private party and a government entity for providing a public asset or service, in which the... More

Health Information Management Systems

Considering the dynamic, demanding and frequently changing nature of the healthcare sector, the health information systems should also be designed, managed and implemented... More

Clinical, Technical and Management Capacity Building

In parallel with the increase in demand and changes in healthcare sector, the needs and priorities of healthcare service providers are also changing. As the... More

Big Data Experiences

The information age that results in transforming every information and knowledge into the digital environment, increases the importance of accessing to data... More

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